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 YiXing Hokkai is a Japanese–owned manufacturer that offers high quality heads for a variety of industries. Our engineers expertise and manufacturing excellence and experience set us apart from the competition. At YHC we integrate the dynamics of materials the scope of our capabilities and the needs of our customers. we specialize in a wide variety of service including cold/hot press、cold/hot spinning、segment press forming, and many more We apply our knowledge and experience to the development of value-added heads and services for customers in a variety of demanding markets.

We believe in “value the quality to life, pursue the perfect further more”. We are an ISO9001 code & A3 certified company with advanced manufacturing facilities, distributions centers, agents and a dedicated workforce committed to excellence and proficiency. The whole community of family, close loyalties develop with customers who could account on the job being done right and shipped on time at a competitive price.

Four branches and 35 agents are structured across China to provide a full range of customer sales and support services. It is ideally situated to enhance our access to large sources、markets、and mutual benefits.

Board Director: hayashi/toshio

Managing Director:hayashi/toshio

Investors:Japanese ownership

Hokkai Iron Works: 88.4%

Hokkai Limited:11.6%

Investment Amount: USD 2830000

Registered Capital: USD 1200000


Scope of Range:Head

Wide Range:Dia Φ76~Φ8800mm


Status:Top Specialized Head Manufacturer

Capability:1200T/month、8000 pcs/month

Performance:Supply of one million Reliable quality heads during the past decade.

Sales Network:Branched & Agencies

?YI XING HOKKAI HEAD PLATE CO All Rights Reserved. Address: Xiang Yang Road, Stone Town Industrial Zone,YiXing City技術支持:實創科技
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